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Plumb Farms Flowers provides expert design and the freshest flowers available.  Let us create an arrangement for that special birthday, anniversary, new baby or graduation.  Send flowers as a get well to the hospital or home or to express sympathy or let somone know they are in your thoughts. Send flowers just because! Click HERE to view our selection guide and to order.  All the photos in our guide are of our own designs, not stock photos.

"Sent a "Mystery Bouquet" to friends yesterday to celebrate a 30th wedding anniversary. They loved it! The flowers were full and lush and vibrant in color! They were full of the beautiful scents of the summer and reminders of the beauty of wildflowers! How lucky we are to have florists that take such pride in growing their own blossoms! It makes such a difference in the final produt! Tom and Dave, you rock!" Donna, Naugatuck, CT

"They did the floral arrangements for my daughters shower, they were beautiful!"  Bridget, CT

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Care and Handling of
Late Spring Cut Flowers


Lilacs:  remove all foliage and re-cut stems just before placing in a solution of warm water and floral preservative. 
Tulips:  cut in early morning and place in a cool preservative solution.
Peonies:  Cut stems when they are in tight bud, just cracking color.  You'll have much longer vase life and it's way easier to see and pick or the inevitable ants when harvested at this stage.
Poppies:  This short-lived bloom can be tricky but try gently searing the latex sap with a candle flame or a quick dip in acetone to prevent water clouding and stem clogging.
Flowering Branches:  Cherry, peach, almond, apple, etc.  Cut branches when buds are just breaking dormancy and place in warm water in a warm,bright area to force.  Change water frequently.

General Guidelines:
* Always cut stems at an angle with a sharp knife.  Floral clippers can crush the stem, damaging the plant's vascular system and thus inhibit water uptake.
* Scrub containers squeaky clean before use for cut flowers.  Also, remove all foliage that will be below the water line.  Bacteria from dirty containers and decomposing foliage will clog the stems.
* In most cases, use warm water (about the temperature of a nice bath) treated with floral preservative.  Floral preservative includes a nutrient (usually sucrose) and an anti-microbial (usually citric acid).  Warm water enhances water uptake.